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When you need smaller pieces of wood to start your fire. We have a range of XL fire enhancers, pine kindling and hardwood kindling for your needs.

Bags:  Bags of standard firewood

Price: $ 15.00

Approx: 25 kg +

Barbeque / Pizza Oven:  Small to medium pieces of timber sized to easily fit into your barbeque.

Price: $ 15.00
Approx 20kg

Hardwood kindling:  Wanting those small pieces of wood to help get your fire started.

Price: $ 10.00

Cypress Pine the ultimate kindling

Price: $ 15.00

Jumbo XL fire enhancer

Approx 20kg

Saw Dust available in bulk or bags

We have a range of square blocks in differing sizes. They are timber mill ofcuts. Pure Aussie and solid. Would be perfect for hoisting vehicles. $140 for cubic metre and $70 for half a cubic metre.